​​Trips with His Hands and Feet Ministries cost $400 per person.  This amount pays for supplies, a place to stay, and administrative costs to run the ministry,  His Hands and Feet Ministries suggests an additional budget of $30 per person for food and $50 - $75 per person for gas (depending on travel distance to KY).

A typical day with His Hands and Feet Ministries could look something like: 

6:30- Wake Up / Breakfast

7:00 - Prayer:

7:15 - Leave for Sites

8:00 - 4:30 - Work at job sites

6:30 - Dinner

8:00 - Evening reflection

10:30 - Lights out

During a trip, you can expect your group to work on job sites that deal with the safety and accessibility of homes for the families who live there.  Occasionally, we will get into larger projects like room additions to accommodate growing families.

What groups do you plan trips for and what is the role of HHFM's on the trip?

We plan Christian mission trips for various organizations. We offer trips for church youth groups, college groups and family groups who are interested in doing home repairs for low income families in Appalachia.  

​​​How old do participants have to be?

We do offer mission trips for teens.  We ask that participants are old enough to be going into high school..  This puts the youngest participant that we take around 13-14 years old.  This age requirement is due to the complexity of the jobs that we choose for groups.

What work can I do if I don't have any major skills?

There is a place for everyone here.  Even if someone thinks they don't have "skills" they can contribute, we have never had anyone join us that could seem to find their niche.  There is always someone that needs an extra hand to hold a board, to take a trip to the hardware store to get more materials, be the photographer for the day, or even cook for the groups that are working.

What kind of interaction will we have with the clients?

We expect groups to make an effort to talk with our clients every day.  We are here to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus and to show that people that we work for that they are loved by God and by his servants whom he sent to help them.  Though these interactions, we have seen people who had completely lost faith pull out their bibles because their faith was rekindled by seeing that they were loved.  

One of our groups praying with homeowner 

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