One of our groups praying with homeowner 

Friday dinner with homeowner!!! Yay!!!

Plan a Trip with His Hands and Feet Ministries

​​Trips with His Hands and Feet Ministries cost $350 per person.  This amount pays for supplies, a place to stay, and administrative costs to run the ministry,  His Hands and Feet Ministries suggests an additional budget of $30 per person for food and $50 - $75 per person for gas.

A typical day with His Hands and Feet Ministries could look something like: 

6:30- Wake Up / Breakfast

7:00 - Prayer:

7:15 - Leave for Sites

8:00 - 4:30 - Work at job sites

6:30 - Dinner

8:00 - Evening reflection

10:30 - Lights out

During a trip, you can expect your group to work on job sites that deal with the safety and accessibility of homes for the families who live there.  Occasionally, we will get into larger projects like room additions to accommodate growing families.