His Hands and Feet Ministries attempts to provide most tools necessary to complete the jobs that we kick out for groups.  We are always in need of the following items in our stock:  

  • Saws

  • Saw Blades (10” and 7¼” circular saw, jigsaw, and reciprocating)

  • Ladders (extension and step)

  • Corded and Cordless drills

  • Sawhorses

  • Fasteners (any kind is helpful)

  • Lumber (anything over 4' is typically usable for us)

  • Plumbing supplies

If you have and are willing to donate these supplies, we may be able to arrange a time to pick them up or you can contact us to set up to drop them off to us.​

Here are some ways that you can help His Hands and Feet Ministries:


Help us recruit groups

His Hands and Feet Ministries main focus right now is the home repair program.  In the future, we will have a food pantry, GED classes, summer camps for kids and a year round home repair program.  


​Trips with His Hands and Feet Ministries cost $330 per person.  This amount pays for supplies, a place to stay, and administrative costs to run the ministry,  His Hands and Feet Ministries suggests an additional budget of $30 per person for food and $50 - $75 per person for gas.

Our focus on trips is to make clients' homes safe and accessible.  Below is

a list of some of the jobs that we typically work on.

​​Plan a Mission Trip ***Currently Our Greatest Need

Donate Tools or Materials

We can always use monetary donations.  We are a 501(c)3 so all donations are tax deductible.  Here is a glimpse of how your money would be used.  Volunteer groups who join us pay for the majority of the supplies.  There are times, however, where the funds that groups bring in just are not enough to complete our jobs.  This year, there was a roof that got a lot worse from the time that we looked at it during site evaluations and the time that the group got to the site to do the repairs.  We only had the funds to complete the job that we intended to complete months before from planning stages.  With the generosity of donors, we would not run into this problem and would be able to stray from orginal plans to make sure every homeowner gets the safe and accessible home that they need.

Spreading the word about our ministry would be a huge help to us.  We know that not everyone can go on a trip or donate monetarily to our cause so this is a way that anyone can help us out.  Please share our link on your Facebook page, post us on twitter, send emails to family and friends to help us help the poor in Appalachia.  The more we are able to get the word out, the more people we are able to help together.