What Are Our Christian Values 

​​​His Hands and Feet Ministries operates Appalachia with respect to the Christian values that are representative of Christian servants.


       As faithful servants pf Jesus, we share our faith with the residents of communities we serve and with the volunteers who join us in service.


​      As a community of servants, we partner with individuals, businesses, public organizations, charities and other ministries in communities surrounding the clients we serve.


​      We will be the hands and feet of Jesus as we provide home repairs and other needed services to clients in need at little to no cost.


​      We will interact with clients in a manner that helps them retain their dignity.


      As faithful servants, we will act on our Christian responsibility to show the love of Jesus to our fellow man through our ministries.

     The Appalachian Mountains are home to some of the poorest people in this country.  The organization was started by Stephanie Grigsby and Andrea Bauer.  The following link is a good article published in Center Grove magazine from Greenwood, Indiana where Stephanie and Andrea started in their work with the poor through church missions to Appalachia.  


Why Here?

Roof Project 1 - SSFC 2017

Where We Work

       In conjunction with mission trip groups, we work in Floyd and Pike counties in eastern Kentucky in Appalachia. Both of these counties are considered 'distressed" by the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).  According to ARC, a distressed county is one who ranks in the worst 10 percent of the nation's counties. 

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Founded: 2013 by Andrea  Bauer and Stephanie Grigsby


Areas of expertise: .Volunteering, Home Repairs

Location: Pikeville, KY

Contact: Stephanie Grigsby



Company Profile

Recent Projects

Roof Project 2 - SSFC 2017